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I help your organization, brand, or consumer remove obstacles, and find points of connection. Where some sell a one-size-fits-all program or system, my framework starts, very simply, with listening…to your challenges, your goals, and your innate connection with your audience. That customized, client-centric approach can look very different, depending on your organization and your needs.

  • Working with R&D teams at Procter & Gamble, hands-on collaboration with Fabric Care product design teams helped to remove roadblocks and increase efficiency across their lean innovation process, resulting in significant decreases in the time and cost involved in getting new products to market.
  • For healthcare biotech startup Ignyta, starting with a research-based understanding of their audiences’ challenges enabled the creation of targeted messaging for campaigns and websites, answering the most important questions at the moment of greatest need, and helping Ignyta ultimately sell to Roche/Genentech for $1.7Bn.
  • For social innovation nonprofit Design Impact, getting deep into their human-centered design process helped them understand how to reach, identify, and hire the people that will make their organization thrive into the future.

I embed with your team to understand your challenges, bringing context and perspective born of nearly 30 years of diverse experience to bear on your unique team, product, or proposition. You get clear insights and strategies for more efficient communication and creativity.

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image of Brandon Dawson - Cincinnati based product design, marketing, and organizational dynamics expert.image of Brandon Dawson - Cincinnati based product design, marketing, and organizational dynamics expert.

In A Recent Post-Engagement Client Survey:


of respondents said Brandon Dawson “helped our team think about things in a new way.”


said they were “likely” or “very likely” to schedule time with Brandon again.


said time with Brandon was “as good as” or “better than” other coaching / training sessions.

Brandon Dawson was easy to talk to and a natural problem solver, passionate about learning. It was nice that he understood the world of physical products and lived the reality himself and was not trying to sell himself or the service.

Procter & Gamble R&D Team Survey

Not only does he understand the digital space well, he also is a true student of social understanding. Brandon works tirelessly to align individuals to best meet [the organization’s] vision in a way that sets the individual and the company up for success. He’s smart, talented, and curious.

Jodi Woffington, President & CEO, Fortitude Consulting

Brandon’s hunger to do things right inspired me on a daily basis. He truly leads by example, which gives him an immense amount of credibility.

Nico Coetzee, Founder & CEO, KPI Agency

Brandon Dawson’s pragmatic and eager-to-help attitude was refreshing and authentic. He wasn’t driving a company’s agenda.

Procter & Gamble R&D Team Survey

Brandon genuinely showed interest and gave us not only a new way to think about situations, but also worked with us in the confines and constraints of our reality.

Procter & Gamble R&D Team Survey

Brandon Dawson had relevant, real world, outside-P&G perspective. I don’t feel like we get much of that. He helped bridge the gap between doing things the P&G way, and doing them the way that is best for the project.

Procter & Gamble R&D Team Survey

A great collaborator, he’s dependable, inquisitive, insightful and manages with a calm confidence when pressure and deadlines become difficult. He understands how to motivate and inspire his team to get more done without losing sight of employee morale or the human side.

Douglas O'Donnell, Global VP Digital Content - IRONMAN Group

He knows how to identify the underlying motivations and desires we all have to do better work. But more importantly, he understands how to direct and focus these desires to achieve monumental results for both the individual and the organization.

Matt Bledsoe, Executive Creative Director

Brandon has a keen sense of what is holding us back. From our internally created obstacles, to technology, to customer data, Brandon makes the people and the company stronger, and with a unique empathy that is not lost on our entire team.

Lindsey Talerico, CEO/Founder - Digitalish

Brandon is a true leader. He walks his talk, is solution-orientated, people-centric, and is genuine in his nurturing and care for his team. He aims to truly understand the core of a problem, he listens and gives the best direction. I consider myself lucky to have been able to have worked under the best management and Creative Direction, ever.

Zia Peter, Senior Art Director
Image of Cincinnati based Product Development advisor Brandon Dawson

What I Do

For agencies, brands, and organizations, across traditional and digital channels, I help you create connections and remove constraints. Some people call that innovation. In an agency environment it’s often called strategy. But ultimately it’s the judicious application of common sense. I seek the moment of connection, not as a lever but as an opportunity to facilitate meaningful interaction and provide answers to real questions. Here are some examples:

Product Development

For most organizations the key to successful innovation is believing in the insights that drive it. That means fostering connection between, and actively listening to, your people. It means finding ways to learn and act faster. I help you identify and improve the systems that facilitate creative thinking, making sure the best ideas get the attention they deserve.

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Procter & Gamble

Organizational Design

Every organization has its own will, its own DNA, and true organizational transformation starts with understanding an organization’s current reality. I work with organizations to understand who they are now. Only then can you decide who you want to be, and craft the culture and systems to make that come true.

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Marketing & Advertising

Successful marketing is not manipulation. It’s creating something your customer actually wants, and finding a way to connect your product with their need. Even in the most mundane of life’s needs these connections can be meaningful. In bio-tech and healthcare they can be life-saving. I start by helping you better understand your audience, and then creating interactions that benefit you and your consumer.

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Ignyta Inc.

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“Strategy…is the judicious application
of common sense.”

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Brandon Dawson listens as Mercantile Library director John Faherty answers a question.

“My framework starts, very simply, with listening.”

The Distiller Podcast

Brandon Dawson is the creator, producer, and host of The Distiller, a bi-weekly podcast about “how we find meaningful work, and how we find meaning in the work we do.” Drawing on 20+ years of professional experience in broadcasting, marketing, consulting, and creative development, Brandon speaks with people from all walks of life about the work they do and how it shapes their lives, or vice-versa. Now in its third year, The Distiller digs deep into the question of meaningful work, the intersection of vocation and identity, and what it means to find your own life’s work.

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