Zero Is Always Zero

Zero Is Always Zero

What makes you tick?

Think about it for a moment… what experiences in your life have made you feel the most alive? At what point in your life, if you had the presence of mind to step out of yourself and be objective, would you have said, “This! This is it. Right now I feel alive and in touch with myself and the world.”

It’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a mission.

Life is about seasons, and seasons denote change. This month begins a new season for me, with much change afoot, and I welcome it, if for no other reason than as a test of one of my basic beliefs: that we, as individuals, are defined by our ability to synthesize multiple experiences, vast and seeming disparate stimuli, into an integrated, cohesive worldview and approach to life. Not only can we do this, but I don’t think we can avoid doing it.

Personally that means the integration of all the things I do, and have done, under the broad umbrella of people and communication. I am most alive when I’m working with people creatively, when I’m communicating effectively, and when that work and that communication result in greater understanding of our cumulative potential. I evaluate my efforts, personally and professionally, against this yardstick.

In this season of my life I intend to seek greater integration, greater synthesis, of all my interests and passions, while at the same time freeing myself to do and experience all of them as necessary parts of the whole. Variety is not only the spice of life…it’s one of the hallmarks of the human experience. This newly-redesigned website is a partial representation of the variety that makes up my life, including:

  • Voice-over and on-camera acting
  • Talent and Human Resources Consulting and Coaching
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Writing (co/ghost writing, poetry and prose, and music)

In the days to come I intend to flesh each of these ideas out fully, and intend to use this space to do so and to chronicle the effort. In particular I will beĀ  using this site more to house my thoughts on management, leadership, creativity, and the crafting of a life of influence and meaning. I invite your participation and interaction along the way, after all…it’s the people part that comes first for me.

It’s easy to view the seasons in our lives as negative, challenging, threatening. But they are necessary, and those seasons create room for the growth we need and crave. Several years ago I wrote a song about starting over, and about how the process of beginning something always feels as though you’ve been set back to zero. Recently I heard that song again, with a new perspective. Yes, I’m starting something new…”starting over” if you will. But this time I embrace it as necessary, as exciting, as charged with possibility.

What season is your life going through at present? What change and growth awaits you? Are you resisting it, and holding back? Or are you embracing it, and leaning into all that is to come. Have courage, my friend. It’s all growth, and it all matters.

Here’s to you, and your season. I’d love to hear from you along the way.

Thanks for listening, and godspeed,