For over 15 years Brandon has worked in the Music Industry, including over a decade in radio, and years in artist management, tour management and publicity. During that time, countless artists have requested his expertise in managment and booking areas, only to find out they weren’t really ready for, or didn’t really need a manager or a booking agent.  

The fact is, most independent artists don’t need a manager an agent or a publicist to get the word out, especially those just starting out; they just need someone with the expertise to tell them where to put their energies and when. The people in the music industry are no smarter than you; they’re no better than you at getting your music out there, they’ve just done it before and they know where to go.

Brandon is now offering his expertise as a consultant, or “Coach” to musicians who can’t afford a full-time manager, booking agent or publicist. In single sessions, or on an ongoing basis, Brandon will work with you to determine the current stage of your career, and where you need to focus your time and energy in order to expand and grow your fanbase and your career.

The industry is changing. Record labels are falling right and left, radio is a shell of a once great institution, and all around the voices are bemoaning the death of the industry. But the fact is, there is more new music now than at any time in history. There has never been a better time for independent artists to get their music to a listening (and buying) public. People are starving for new music, and whatever you’re doing, whether it’s soul, ska, folk, punk, reaggae… someone out there wants what you’re doing. You just have to find them.

If you’re interested, contact Brandon at: Coaching (at symbol) BrandonDawson (dot) net. Please include your contact information, a link to your website or MySpace, and a little information about where you’ve been and where you want to go.

You can do this yourself. With the internet, self-publishing, and immediacy of today’s self-marketing venues, you don’t need to give away a percentage of your income to someone who may, or may not, grow your career. Take charge of your career; get the advice and input you need, and get out there!

Past and current clients:

Over the Rhine
Kim Taylor
Mike Helm
Liz Bowater
Eric Falstrom