You have options! There are three ways you can purchase “Becoming Human.”

1. Purchase a CD with Credit Card or Paypal account (you don’t have to be a PayPal member.) It’s safe, easy, and best of all… nobody takes a cut. CD’s are $15 plus $3 shipping & handling. Barring unforseen difficulties, your CD will ship the day after you order it. We process every order ourselves. To order yours, just click here:

2. Purchase and download individual songs, or the entire album through the Nimbit Store. You can use a credit card, the checkout is secure and easy, and there is no DRM on these files. Preview them, buy them, download them, enjoy them. It’s that easy! (And if you really want to help out, click the two arrows at the top of the store, you can copy the code and put it on your own website, blog, or tasteless news portal. Feel free!)

3. Finally, if you don’t trust all that gadgetry and inter-web voodoo, CLICK HERE to download a PDF order form. Directions are on the form, fill it out, send a check, and we’ll mail you a CD through the US Mail! Imagine that!

However you choose to purchase, thanks for your support. This really is a huge means of support to my family and me. Once you’ve purchased the CD (or even before you do) please check out the “Becoming Human” page for lyrics, recording credits and more. That’s the only place you’ll get the full story on who played on what songs, and what went into the making of the CD.

Thanks again, and enjoy!