Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Artist

With 15 years in broadcasting, and over 20 years as a commercial voice over artist, Brandon Dawson brings a wealth of experience and expertise.  He specializes in “normal, everyday” types of reads, without unnatural “announcer” phrasing, while still maintaining clarity and authority. Brandon’s voice talent has been trusted by clients large and small…anyone who wants a genuine, mature feel without feeling they’re being “sold” or preached at.

Some of Brandon’s voice over clients include:

  • Folger’s
  • ConAgra Foods
  • 5/3 Bank
  • FedEx
  • POSSIBLE, Inc.
  • St. Elizabeth’s Hosptial
  • Taco Bell
  • Wrangler

Click play to listen to Brandon Dawson’s Commercial Voice Over Demo, and hear for yourself:


Why choose Brandon Dawson for your voice over needs?

  • Mature, but not “old.” Brandon is capable of easily covering late-20’s to early 50’s voice needs, credibly and with confidence
  • Likeable. Past clients have said Brandon’s “smile comes through the microphone.” He’s believable and likable.
  • Region-neutral. Brandon hails from two regions in the US (Idaho and S. Western Ohio) that are said to be the most “geographically neutral” accents in the country. Your listeners won’t detect a regional dialect, unless of course you want him to add one.

Studio Specs

  • Mac-based home studio, running MOTU Digital Performer 7 and Garageband
  • MOTU 828 D/A converter
  • PreSonus BlueTube stereo tube preamp, Alesis outboard compression
  • Various mics including Rode, Shure, and AudioTechnica
  • KRK nearfield monitors

To book Brandon Dawson Voice Over Artist
contact Heyman Talent at (513) 533-3113.